There Once Was a Buyer

Matching buyers with the perfect presale property is Shali’s goal. No more registering on multiple sites or trying to keep track of new developments. Buyers can now access and manage all presale information in one place. How great is that?

Tell us what you want in a new home and we’ll find your match!

Meet Shali

Shali spends most of her time working in Vancouver, and lives in Richmond with her 8 year old daughter, so they can be close to grandma. She was born in England and raised in Hong Kong. Shali is known for her 24-7 work ethic. Don’t be surprised if she responds to your late night texts or if she sends you emails at 7am. You will also have lots of fun with her. She will explore new spaces for you to meet, rent a car and driver at times, and create a fun experience whenever possible.

“To be successful, you have to be respectful of people’s feelings and be patient with their emotions – Simply, put their needs ahead of your own” – Shali

So, who are you? We are always interested in learning about you!